Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top 10 Villians Of The Last Decade

(Thanks to my friend David for coming up with this topic for the blog)

There are lots of Top 10 lists out there listing the greatest players, the greatest games, or maybe even the greatest teams. I look back on the previous decade and think who are the 10 greatest villians to the Georgia Bulldogs over the last 10 years? I know a lot of you hang on my every word, so without making you live in ignorance any longer, I present to you the top 10 most hated villains over the last 10

(#10) Marc Curles- That crew of referees really only cost Georgia 1 game against LSU in 2009, but that might have been a momentum and confidence breaker that sent the season into a downward spiral. He makes the list.

(#9) Paul Johnson- Just for being the coach of that school in Atlanta, and for telling his fan base that its ok to punch opposing fans in the face if they get on your nerves...well Sir, you are a villain, and you are #9 on the list. I'd rank you higher, but we run this state and I RUN this blog, so there you go.

(#8) Dennis Felton- I really liked this guy when he first came in as Men's Basketball coach, but soon found out that his lack of discipline and uncanny eye for talent and thuggery would cost the program its worst seasons in history. Not a mean man, but a villain to the program.

(#7) Phillip Fulmer- Just for being the coach of Tennessee, and for the 90's, I have to put him on the list. Although, Coach Richt DID go 5-3 versus the Great Pumpkin, that is the only thing that keeps him from being ranked higher. Oh, and I am grateful for the squib kick in 2001 that allowed the dawgs to put on their "Hobnail Boots" and win for the first time in Knoxville since Herschel ran over Bill Bates.

(#6) Tim Tebow- PUULEASE!!! You broke Herschel's TD records...well laaa teee daaaa!! Fact is, Herschel did it in 3 years and still didnt even have his BOWL touchdowns counted. Ohh, yeah and the fact that you can celebrate, wave arms, do the gator chomp and celebrate without penalty. Mr. Media Darling. You may be a great guy, but you are a gator, and you are a villain to the Bulldog Nation. Oh yeah, and you are #6 on the list. Don't Cry.

(#5) Michael Adams- Vince Dooley has the right to retire WHENEVER HE WANTS. For not letting him go out on HIS terms, you are no better than Florida State. Legends go when they want to, just ask Penn State. We will never forgive you Michael Adams.

(#4) Jim Harrick- If not for you and your bumbling ways and rule breaking we wouldnt have ever gotten Dennis Felton in the first place. You set the program back YEARS behind. You are #4 on my list.

(#3) Brian Van Gorder- Ok, ok, maybe you arent a villain, but I just LOVED seeing teams STRUGGLE to score 20 points against the dawgs. We miss you.

(#2) Urban Meyer- If a Dawg fan can't think of a reason for you to be one of the top villains of the decade, then they arent a dawg fan. The list of reasons is too many to name. Oh yeah, and you coach the gators.

(#1) Penn Wagers- The fact that you continually plagued the dawgs over the entire decade makes you #1. The 2004 game with tennessee, the 2008 game with Florida, the 2001 game with Auburn, and the list goes ON AND ON. I even had a poll on my blog about who dawg fans hated most, and you won the contest buddy. We despise you and you despise the dawgs, so there you go Penn Wagers!!! YOU my friend are the winner of the Dawg Stephen top villain of the decade award.


  1. Don't forget about the 2005 Auburn game with Penn Wagers. I still haven't got over that one.

  2. How does a list of villains for this past decade not include Steve Detwiler of Fresno State in the 2008 College World Series? I know Fresno State is hardly a rival, but he single handily beat us in the final game of the 2008 College World Series.

    I would vote him in the top 3.

  3. Paul Johnson didn't mean anything bad with that about the face punching. That's just the way his Mama used to greet him. (Which explains that face of his.)

  4. I almost forgot to mention Mark May. Thats guy never has anything nice to say about Georgia. There is no telling how many times that I've wanted to punch him in the face.