Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No Pass For Mark Fox--Not Anymore

When Mark Fox came to Georgia, no one really expected much this year. He hadnt inherited a team familiar with winning and didnt really have anything to work with right? After a loss to Wofford, things seemed to be headed for a long year as we all expected.

Then the dawgs beat Illinois, and then Georgia Tech. Then they went on the road and led Kentucky in the final minute at Rupp Arena only to lose a close game. There was hope that this guy was a good game coach, and a good motivator. A close loss to South Carolina, a close loss to Ole Miss, led by 13 points (twice) only to lose close at Miss State. Home win over Tennessee, Home win over Bama, home win over Vandy, then South Carolina.

All of a sudden, Georgia is a team no one wants to play. Reshirting player Connor Nolte is putting Georgia on the map with his "gameday trick shots" Travis Leslie is on the Sportscenter top 10 every night after a Georgia game with his dunks, and Georgia is still last in the SEC East, but is relevant. Georgia is being mentioned as a team with potential, and promise.

The fans expectations have now gone up. The ticket sales are going up, this team is competing with everyone, but they are now EXPECTED to hold their own, and every time out is capable of winning the game. Why? Because they have a head coach now and he kinda knows what hes doing.

So no more pass for Mark Fox. The sign of a great coach is when he heads up a team who isnt just expected to compete anymore. They are expected to win. He has raised the bar. If Georgia doesnt win a game or maybe even 2 in the SEC basketball tournament this week, then they will be where everyone thought. But if they dont win a game or two in the tournament, the Georgia Bulldog family across the nation will be disappointed. Why? We dont expect these guys to just play good, or just compete. We see what our coach has done. We expect them to win. Keep up the great work Coach Fox, we believe in you.

So no pass coach. No one wants passers remorse. (see Connor's Blog)

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