Friday, April 16, 2010

Gotta Start Mettenbeger-- IF You Want To Win


First of all this is NOT a slander or article written against Logan Gray or Aaron Murray. This is merely a "superstition" type article meant to be funny. I personally think that the coaching staff and Mark Richt will come up with the man and QB that is best suited to lead this football team. My question is are we doomed by "karma" if Mettenberger doesnt play?

Think back to all the SEC championships that the University has won. How many has it been? 12 Championships. 12 times the Georgia Bulldogs have been #1 in the SEC. Guess what? A Georgia Native was at QB every single time. That's right. Every time the UGA football team held the distinction of SEC champions, a young man from the state of Georgia was taking the snaps.

1942- Sinkwich and Trippi, along with Vernon Davis led the Bulldogs.

1946- Charlie Trippi

1959- Fran Tarkenton

1966- Kirby Moore

1968- Mike Cavan

1976- Ray Goff, Matt Robinson, Tony Flanagan

1980 & 1981- Buck Belue

1982- John Lastinger

2002- David Greene

2005- DJ Shockley

All Georgia natives. All SEC Champions.

Im not saying Georgia hasnt had some good QB's. There have been plenty. Great ones that havent won championships have come and gone. Even a recent #1 overall NFL draft pick came into Athens, played as a freshman and left early for the NFL without an SEC ring.

Im not saying that anyone who came to Athens and left without an SEC title didnt have talent. There have been plenty. Just there was something missing. Something holding them back.

Im not saying that the 2 QB's that are not from the state of Georgia are bums. Far from it. They are the elite of the elite. Highly sought after prospects coming from High School to college and had their choice of where to attend.

Just saying that if you believe in curses, or karma, or silly superstitions, or just plain fate, you are of the persuasion to think that without Zach Mettenberger on the field as the starter or serious contributor in his career, that Georgia will not win an SEC Championship.

Of course, if you are Aaron Murray or Logan Gray, you are doing everything in your power to "break the curse" and become the first NON-Georgia native to play QB "tween the hedges and bring home an SEC title. Should be fun to watch.

Go Dawgs


  1. who was the Georgia QB for that 1942 sec champ team? the only ones listed on the uga 1942 team roster are:
    McPhee, Dick QB Canfield,Oh. and
    Todd, Jim QB Laurens, S.C. and
    Peters, Vernon Johnson City, Tenn. playing position unknown was the only Vernon listed on the roster.

  2. While there may have not been a native Georgian QB on that 1942 team, all the rest look like solid Georgia born and raised. I was not aware of those statistics; thanks for the information. I was already sold on Mett but this helps to anchor my opinion!!!

    one more question does anyone remember where Kirby Moore was from? Coach Dooley called him "the Sandpiper"(a beach bird) could he have been from the Brunswick area?

  3. Dawg Stephen,
    I would really like to see this information get into the hands of Coach Richt. As busy as he has to be, he is probably unaware of these stats.