Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time To Sober Up Dawg Fans

Enough is enough already. I get up this morning and find online where ANOTHER PLAYER has been arrested and suspended. Walk on lineman Josh Parrish was arrested and booked into the Athens-Clarke County Jail (the ACC jail) for underage consumption of alchohol and false indentification.

That makes 4 incidents and suspensions this spring. Guess what? In 3 of the 4 cases it is the same thing. The very same thing. Alchohol. At what point do we start to see a pattern here? Who knows? Montez Robinson may have been drinking when he was guilty of domestic violence. It wouldnt be the first time that alchohol made a man violent when he might not have been otherwise.

I am just having breakfast as I write this, but could someone take a look at the NON scooter related incidents in the past 10 years and get back to me to report how many have been ALCOHOL related? My guess is a LOT. My guess is over 90% of the arrests within the football program have been alchohol related. The others are the ever increasing danger of emerging from an alley on a scooter.

I dont know if Coach Richt needs to have the players just sign an agreement not to drink at all along with their letter of intent on signing day or not, but it might not be a bad idea. There would be less arrests on the football team, and we wouldnt be short so many players. Just think, if the taxi cab incident had turned out bad, then we would REALLY be in a bad place.
There is a man in my church who works within the prison system, and he has told me that 84% of all inmates in the USA were under the influence of alchohol when they committted their crimes. Really? 84 out of 100 inmates within our prison walls were drinking at the time of their transgression? Someone do some numbers for me on what that does for all the "tax revenue" we supposedly get from liquor sales.

Time to sober up dawgs. God help where its headed if we don't.


  1. At what point do we start to see a pattern here?

    Are you saying that there is a pattern of college kids drinking and that that can and does lead to arrests? Not sure, I think I'll need two or three more arrests to get to that point... Also, do you have a link to the 84% stat? One more, if your arguing for prohibition, please look into how that went the first time we tried it.

  2. Another Bullseye. Very hard for a college kid not to drink however.