Thursday, September 15, 2011

SEC Predictions for Week 3- Sept 15th & 17th

This week the SEC gets featured on thursday night as well as Saturday afternoon and to be honest I am kinda glad. I am not back with the NFL yet, and probably wont be for sometime. I have been waiting for football all week long and cant wait to see the dawgs get a win under their belt this week. Until I can step into Sanford again, I will be glad to see SEC football. So here are my thoughts on this weeks matchups...Feel free to call me out and tell me how wrong or awesome I am when its over. Let's start with Thursday.

Thursday Night Lights with Lester Miles & Daniel Mullet


The man who played Obi Wan to Tim Tebow has his guys rolling in directions they havent been since they were beaten in the GA Dome by Peyton Manning and the Great Pumpkin. Mullen is a good coach, but he hasnt beaten ANYONE in the west other than Ole Miss. Sure he beat UGA and Florida last year, but neither team was at their best at any time last year. Say what you want about him being great, but until he does more than that I am NOT impressed nor asking for his hire anywhere near here. The verdict is still out on him in my court. That loss to Auburn last week didnt help any. Les Miles team Destroyed Oregon in a game that I thought would be closer than it was. of course that many turnovers will make things look much worse than they are.. right Georgia? I like what Mullen is doing over there in Starkville, but lets face it. Over there its coach or ..or...or... well you get the idea. I think Miss State will hang around, but LSU is still pretty good. 28-19 LSU wins it.

Awbarn @ Clem & Son- Well, last year, Clemson went down to the plains and gave the tiger-eagle-showmedamoney-all in-plainsmen all the wanted. Turns out Auburn got their moneys worth and Cam was able to lead his team to a close hard fought win. Auburn lost all those players but found a way under the salary cap to have another good recruiting class. They used the rest of their money to have a lucky horseshoe surgically implanted into their head coach. This game is at Clemson, and while they dont really impress me yet, they got a VERY good recruiting class themselves. Auburn holds the nations longest winning streak, but this week the luck runs out. 27-17 Clemson

Ole Miss @ Vandy- Vandy is headed in the right direction and under new coach Franklin they are gonna knock people off that they shouldnt, and hang tough with those who needed a easy game. Ole Miss lost a ugly game to BYU, and this game is basically a pick-em. I think Ole Miss will win, but Vandy is gonna do what they always do.. 24-20 Rebels

Coastal Carolina @ UGA- After the toughest schedule based on rankings in GA history, the dawgs should get a win under their belts this week. Just be dawgs!! not meeeooowww cats ok?Dawgs win big. 42-3

Tennessee @ Florida- Well, how do you pick this? This game comes down to the QB's. According to the guys in Chattanooga, Tyler Bray is better than Peyton at this point in his career. (smokin something i say) The gators are under new Coach Will Muschamp, and neither team has played anyone yet. Conference openers can be tough to pick. Bray has been terrific, but really hasnt played any competition to speak of. I am also anxious to see what the lizards can bring at the QB spot in Brantley. Its a home game for Florida, and therefore I give them the edge. Lucky for UGA, both these teams play LSU AND BAMA and both should lose to the bayou bengals and the tide, so if GA can beat them both, then we would finish ahead of each of these teams in the east, barring a horrible collapse in effort. I will take those odds. Therefore, it dont really matter who wins to me since I hate them both, and UGA doesnt benefit either way at this point really. So I will take the swamp things by 4. Florida wins 30-26

Navy @ South Cackalacky-- Carolina Covers whatever the line is. NEXXTT!!!

Louisville @ Kentucky- I think the cats win this. Even without Randall Cobb, who left them for the NFL and 108 yard kickoff returns. Cant think of a score. Kentucky wins I say.

North Texas @ Alabama- Saban and his guys have yet to play anyone that much stronger than a state championship High School team, and this week is no different. We wont know how good Bama is until they get into conference schedule. Bama kills these guys 51-7

Troy @ Arkansas- While Troy slips up and plays people tough from time to time, they are no match for the hogs. Petrino and his boys throw it all over the yard. Hogs 34- Troy 10.

See yall @ the dawg walk in Athens!!

Go Dawgs

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  1. I'm expecting Georgia to be fine this week. After the Auburn blowout I'm not that worried at this point.
    I've already gotten some Outback Bowl tickets for December, and I'm expecting it to be a Georgia game.