Monday, September 12, 2011

So What Now?

You have heard it said, and read it on the T-shirt "It's not the size of the dawg in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dawg". Never has that been more true than now. Everyone questioned how Georgia can replace its top 2 receivers from 2010. Then the 2 leading rushers were gone. What about the top Offensive Tackle suffering a 3rd injury?

Then the first 2 games do not go according to plan. The offseason went pretty well actually. The team worked harder than ever within the new S&C conditioning program. They got stronger, faster, more conditioned for the 4th quarter. Then Georgia faced its toughest 2 game opening schedule in its history. The first game we lost our starting inside linebacker and got beaten by a worthy yet puzzling opponent. The 2nd game the gameplan was better, the practices had been effective and both sides of the ball seemed to click. Turnovers and special teams cost the team 28 points and yet again regardless of only allowing 17 true points on offense, the team loses a heartbreaking loss. When Sunday rolls around, the OTHER starting inside linebacker has been lost for a few weeks.

So what now? How do you handle the first 0-2 start in 15 years? How do you respond to the adversity of being thin at important positions? I tell you how. You show up THIS week. You cheer as if undefeated Alabama were coming in to face our dawgs. (face it, we want them in the dome and you know it)

Look, I saw a difference in the team last week. I SAW IT!! We shot ourselves in the foot, and we lost. I saw the intensity that hasnt been there in a long time. Im mad that it left. I think things are on the right track. Im not saying, keep this guy, or fire that guy, im just saying, we have 10 games left. TEN GAMES!! and whether or not you want changes, or you support the entire staff, you have a job. GET BEHIND THIS TEAM!!! Let the season play out, and let the results, or lack thereof speak for themselves. We aint helping nothing by griping in public. If you wanna diss or criticize, just do it in the right way. More on that later.


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  1. This team and coaching staff stinks.... Bob