Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We dont make em, we just play em

I am about SICK AND TIRED of hearing people bemoan and criticize the schedule Georgia has in football for 2012.  They dont play Alabama, they dont play LSU, and they dont play Arkansas!! (again).  Guess what, that aint the dawgs fault!!  We dont make the schedule.  We were all ready to go to T-Town (where CMR has never lost), and play the Tide.  Its not Georgia's fault that Mizzou came in.  That will be tough in itself, but I have something else to add.

Remember 2008??  Remember when Georgia had to play AT LSU before the game with Florida?   Remember when Georgia played Alabama after a trip to the other side of the world to play Az-State?  Remember 2009 when we played BOTH LSU and Arkansas?  No one felt sorry for the dawgs then.  No one gave us credit for such a tough task.  No. Instead they said, ooooh theres no way the dawgs can manage that!! Its too tough.

So here's a thought.  If you are gonna down us for the years when the schedule might fall a little more favorable, dont have such a short memory, give a little credit for the years when it didnt ok??

Go Dawgs.


  1. Agreed!...with the extra note that I don't recall any Cock-heads, or anyone else complaining when they got the light side of the rotation. Our permanent cross-division foe isn't Ole Miss, or Miss St, or the newly inducted Texas A&M... It's Auburn, which until last year, has always been mentioned in the top few as a powerhouse of the West.

    Oh wait, weren't they national champs just 2 seasons ago... that's right, our sucky year that ended in a losing record, and we still lead 3 of the 4 quarters against them...

    So...Before you moan about a weak SEC schedule...which I don't think exists...Make sure your team has never done the exact same thing!

    Go Dawgs!!!

    Shawn Rhoades

  2. I hate it when South Carolina fans harp on this topic, especially when the dawgs have no control of the issue in contrary to the cocks actually going out of their way to remove arkansas from their schedule when arkasas has been horrible historically.

  3. You need to take off the "Bad Apple" Crowell off your blog page background. Sad Richards :(