Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Perfect Season

While most think a perfect season is merely winning all your games including the SEC and the National Championship, that is not the case.  That would be a GREAT season. It would even be a GLORIOUS season.  However there are other hidden nuggets along  the way to achieving those goals which would make the season PERFECT.  Things that would not only make rivals mad, but rub salt in the wound. Things like retribution, revenge, and some things that could happen just for spite, that would make this dawg rejoice, and yes even point and laugh.  Things besides a 14-0 record that would make the season PERFECT for Dawg Stephen.

1- Penn Wagers doesn't become a factor.   You know what I'm talking about.  Every year it seems that somehow the old native of the state of South Carolina finds a way to get into the dawgs game and do something to maybe not change the outcome, but something to make it strange on how things wound up.  Part of a perfect season for me would be not even seeing him, much less seeing him mess up a game for my beloved dawgs.

2- Shut Out Vandy.  Now within the perfect season schedule wise would be a win in every game.  To sweeten the deal a little?  Hold Vanderbilt scoreless.  What a day we live in when the coach from Vandy has made this one of the most anticpated games of the season.  What would be better as the 4th quarter winds down to be holding these guys SCORELESS and have about 28-31 points on the board, as Coach Grantham just smiles. (and I smile with him)

3- A Win Streak Over The Gators-  Last years win was awesome.  The year before it took overtime for us to be defeated.  How PERFECT would it be to win again and have not just a years worth of win over the gators but a winning STREAK??  Something that hasnt happened since ol Vince himself was walking the sidelines.  And a GA Graduate who turned on us has to answer those questions... perfect!!!

How about you? got any to add? I just wanted to list 3.  The comment section is now open.  Besides winning every game, what else would sweeten the season for you???


  1. Would like to see Tennessee get good again and old Mark Richt get fired after a 5-7 season

  2. Well after yesterdays unimpressive performance against Buffalo the Dawgs will be lucky to go 8 - 4.
    Richt just simply doesnt have the killer instinct like a Saban. Bama has shown once again its on a different planet as they destroyed the # 8 ranked Michigan Wolverines. I guess Richt will take the team to the Ramsey center for another pool party. Getting Rid of Richt sure would sweeten my season for next year in hopes of winning some championships. :roll: Sad Richards :(