Wednesday, September 5, 2012

South Carolina Has No Backup --Or They Are Overrated

Look, I will give all the credit in the world to Connor Shaw for gutting out a game at Vandy.  Hey, I wouldnt want to give James Franklin the satisfaction either.  However, does SC East really need their #1 QB to beat East Carolina at home this week?

Cant they just give it to Lattimore 40 times, run the other kid about 10-15 and throw basic passes about 15 times?  Wouldnt that be an easy task for a backup QB to handle?  Do you think that Georgia at home wouldnt just let Aaron Murray get well and have Hutson Mason handle this one?

Why risk it?  Connor Shaw could get hurt against East Carolina just as easy as he did the  other night.  Georgia lost Jeff Owens in 2008 during the GA Southern game.  Why even let him take the field against a smaller school? Dont they need him for the SEC schedule more than just this one?  I think they DO need him out there..... and for  2 reasons.

1. They dont have a backup capable of handling the game, and getting by the smaller school.

2. They arent that good anyway, and are worried about losing this game to East Carolina.

If its the 2nd one, They have more problems than a deep bone bruise to the shoulder.

Go Dawgs.

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  1. ECU is just as big as UGA (32,000 to 35,000). They play in Conf-USA and have laid it down on some pretty good teams recently. Chris Johnson - ECU alum.