Friday, September 7, 2012

Things A Dawg Won't Say

I hear a lot of fans who will root for this team or that team just cause its "good for the conference".  I have been known to do this a time or two, but I find it very very difficult.  I found it hard to root for Urban Meyer to win a BCS, but they were playing OHIO STATE... lets see, do i vote for the devil or Satan?  Pretty sure it dont matter...but i rooted for the SEC anyway.  When they played Oklahoma, well I have to admit I was quite the Boomer Sooner fan..... alas, The Almighty won despite me.

That got me thinking.  What are some things a true, die hard, red & black wearing, God fearing, Dooley loving, Munson listening, Richt supporting, Herschel days, dawg fan would NEVER say??  Here are my top 10, and you can of course add your own.  From the home office somewhere in Tunnel Hill, GA, here it is.

#10- "This orange is beautiful under the lights dont you think honey?"

#9-- "I sure hope Penn Wagers is calling the game today"

#8-- " Tim Tebow, Urban Meyer and Brandon Spikes, three of my favorite people"

#7-- " I think the Athens Police should be tougher"

#6-- " Tech people really aint that bad"

#5-- "We should be nicer to those gator people when we see them"

#4- " I need a pair of jean shorts"

#3- "I sure am glad there is another team called the Tigers in the SEC"

#2- "We need more Rap Music at the games"

And the number one thing you should never hear a dawg fan say.... " Dont blame me, I voted for Michael Adams"

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