Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Welcome To The SEC-- Challenges Uncontemplated Part 1

I am taking a couple of posts to talk about the things that make the SEC tougher. The unmentioned things. The things we all know about, but across the country these things may not ring true or seem as real as they really are.

Part 1 of these posts take a look at something that all teams face. Injuries.  Why post about them in the SEC being different? Because they are. UGA defensive lineman Jordan Jenkins mentioned in an interview that during an on field conversation that Mizzou QB James Franklin actually said to Jarvis Jones, "Stop hitting me so hard".  I refuse to comment on that other than.. really?

In an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, it was stated today that Mizzou only has 5 of its top 10 projected offensive lineman available right now.  They were put into a very bad situation when their left tackle (the blind side lineman) Elvis Fisher was injured on Saturday Night.  (Think Trinton Sturdivant for GA and how that worked out).

Turns out, they are a little beaten up and sore headed for this weeks game against Arizona State.  Now I know that bumps and bruises are part of the game, and injuries happen.  I just find it strange that after 1 game in the SEC, we are hearing about how the QB was complaining of the level of physicality, the coach was blaming someone for "taking off the QB helmet", and that the Offensive line is a little depleted.

I am not making fun.  I HATE when a player is hurt, and has to miss practice or playing time.  I dont wish an imjury on ANYONE.  I am just saying, its been one game. One week. 41-20.  Our players are hurt too.  Jarvis had a hurt groin. He CAME TO MIZZOU with a hurt groin.  He started. He played. He tackled. He rushed. He intercepted. He returned his interception. He hit, and he caused fumbles. All with a pulled groin.
And he will be out there next week doing the same thing, until he isnt physically able to walk. Not just beat up and bruised, he will play with those.

I know you are hurt. I know you are sore. I know its tough. Every team in this conference is feeling the same thing. Thats how it is here.  Welcome to the SEC.

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  1. Our Guys were saying the same thing after the Boise game last year with their hands on thier hips by midway of the second qtr. Glad we are playing cream puffs early this year or we would be making excuses too. No excuse for allowing FAU to score 20 points on us either. Mickey Mouse ,Mickey Mouse. Sad Richards :( ......